IT Support

At Saami Logistics, we have invested in world-class technology to manage your supply chain. Our in-house system integrates transportation, inventory management, order fulfillment, financial settlement and e-commerce applications to give you the visibility and control you need.

It links you to our operations and other service providers to support inbound, outbound and reverse logistics. We simply connect your system with our applications using EDI capabilities.

We have fully equipped ourselves to sustain and grow in the present era of `IT isation' (growth in the concept of IT). We, at Atlas Logistics has comprehensive logistics/transportation software installed and operational in 100's of computers at our various branches all over world.

All the branches are connected to each other by means of in house developed softwares and the Internet.

This inter connectivity between the branches and the head office ensures a strong network within our organization and thus helping in efficient operations and proper flow of information.

Warehouse management technologies

By automating key processes, from inbound goods arrival to inventory storage and fulfillment of outbound orders, Warehouse Management System (WMS) gives us closer control of procurement, manufacturing and distribution activities.For the better service to our clients we do modification in our WMS timely.

Few Key Functionalities of our Wms are:-

  • Inbound and Outbound Entries
  • Stock Management tool
  • RMA tool for replacable goods
  • customized reports of inbound and outbound
  • Outstanding reports of the stock

E-commerce Initiatives

Registered customers of Saami can make advanced queries on the status of their shipments, and can keep track of them. Customers have option of downloading the entire waybill tracking data - schedule the download, These customers can also generate and download various reports customized to meet their individual needs.

Very soon we are launching some more new and exciting facilities to our e-commerce customers which will help them in analyzing their business growth