Spare Part Logistics

Without the speedy installation of spare parts and timely maintenance on the ground, every Telecommunication industry will quickly fall behind in the competitive race. For this reason, efficient spare-parts logistics is necessary - not only in the Telecommunication industry but also in just about every sector.

As a third party logistics providers(3PLs) we have answered the market’s demand and services most of earth’s area and population in spare part industries. Themajor vertical industries in the spare parts logistics network are Automotive, Industrial , Electronic, Telecom and Technology.

In short,the spare parts logistics marketis driven by high value manufactured products and their maintenance. To meet our customers requirements for the spare parts logistics market, we begin to work with several key principles like:-

  • Quick response to any request form our nearest warehouses
  • 2 ways inbound and outbound for faulty items and its replaced items
  • Secure packaging of the goods ordered
  • End to end real time tracking of the full cycle
  • Outstanding reports of all items
  • e-proof of faulty material given by the client