Quality Commitments

For Saami Tradestar, quality is to identify , define and meet the stated and unstated ( implied ) customer requirements. We at Saami Tradestar motivate all the members of the organization to make consistent efforts to understand and respond to the needs and expectations of our customers promptly with utmost sincerity and dedication, ensuring delivery of products and services uphold highest level of customer satisfaction ratings. We at Tradestar, work pro-actively to render high quality logistics services that consistently keep up with the changing and emerging logistic requirements locally as well as globally by maintaining a pool of skilled , innovative and service oriented professionals.

We at Saami Tradestar emphasise on trustworthy relationships with partners , associates and stakeholders by maintaining tranparency leading to a mutual beneficial growth. At Saami Tradestar there are regular review meetings on current projects in order to improve the performance of our employees. We strive for the ability to deliver the service within the time schedule , within budget and with the least number of errors. We aim to achieve additional resource utilisation and reduce costs by eliminating defects , non-value adding activities , rework , delays. We Nurture a winning network of partnerships by providing the full logistics service with integrity , sincerity and competence.

We make sure that Saami Tradestar Logistics Pvt. Limited meets the regulatory requirements, requirements of society and the quality standards. At Saami Tradestar we benchmark for a zero defect performance. We are inspired by the Just In Time (JIT) Japanese concept to have cost benefit and right scheduling of activities so that the consignment is delivered as per the TAT given to the clients . We ensure that we continuously improve the degree to which our services meet customer requirements and attain unprecedented levels of performance by making improvements that are incremental and are continuously maintained.

We aim to increase the returns on our revenues and assets.